Magandang Arau! ^.^

U must be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Actually it just simply means: good day, one of the way for the Philippines to greet each other. So, Magandang Arau everyone!! :)

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Lie.

Here is the question for the night:
Is it easy to tell a lie?

Let me tell you one interesting fact.
Being able to tell a lie is a talent.

So that means, it is not easy AT ALL to lie for some people. Well, maybe you can try to lie but to lie means the person that you lied to has actually believed you. Okay, it's getting a little bit complicated here. Ahahaha let me give a situation so that you can actually figure out what I am trying to say. 

A is trying to tell a lie to B. And B knows that A is lying so is it considered a lie? Not anymore. However if A tells B a lie and B actually buys it, then only it is considered as a lie because A has lied and make B believes the lie he was told.

That is why it isn't easy. To tell a lie, you need the talent. It might come naturally, or maybe you can just expand what you have got. I'm not teaching you how to lie, please take note, I'm just sharing my thoughts.

Anyway I wish I am good in lying to make sure those who lied to me will get all those lies back to their faces.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A living hell.

Is there by any chance that everyone in this world that we are living in - or shall I say a living hell - will be happy? Remember to stress out the word EVERYONE. Well, if you ask me, I'd say NO.

Because of the world's own people. The matter-of-fact is nobody wants equality. Everybody keeps telling that all they want is equality. Gender equality. Work equality. Social equality. The fact is, they were all liars! Nobody cares about equality. All they want is to WIN. And to win, someone has to lose. That's the fact. It is never a situation where someone wins and the other wins as well. It is always win and lose. Either you win, or you lose. That's it. Win-win situation? Uh-oh. Never. Use your brain to think.

So this living hell will allow weak people (a.k.a. losers) to start looking for a plan to see the one who won falls down. The battle then began. That's life isn't it? Maybe you can play it nice, saying that "Oh, I'm not gonna do bad things and hurt someone else", or "I'm not the bad guy", "bad isn't the right word for me" but frankly speaking, you'll reach your limit sooner or later. You'll start thinking "why am I always at the bottom line?", "what is so special about others that they can go up and not me?" and then you will  end up finding yourself in the battle, trying hard to win. Be careful, you might use a lot of ways, which you never think of, just to see others fall.

Basically, there is NO WAY for everyone to be happy. That is just a fact that realistic people will accept. I'll not force you to believe in it. I'm just sharing my thoughts. If you still want to stand firm with your principle telling that there are ways to make everyone happy, well go on. I want to know how too. ^^

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Back!!

Wow! I've been far and away from my blog for a while now. I thought my busy life was over. And that I can relax, update my blog every single second. It turned out to be totally different than what I'd expected. ^^

Okay so for the last few weeks I was busy with some performances (again!) and few events outside college. Too bad (again..), I don't have camera so I couldn't take any of those beautiful moments in pictures. Only records that can play in my 256MB memory. =.="

Anyway, for a concert organized by my seniors themed '1Malaysia, 1Irama, 1Dunia', some photographers took pictures of mine and so here they are!

Before my first dance performance - Chinese dance

Before my second performance - duet with senior Safwan

Song - Sandarkan Pada Kenangan

A picture taken while I was dancing - 3rd performance

Red carpet bebeh!!

Me and Yuan Yuan

Me and Mr Eyie

We are family!! Ahahahaha
The concert was a success I would say (even though I wasn't that confident at first that it will) and I had fun! Real fun!

It was my first time to perform about four times in one night which requires me to change my clothes in every single performance. Usually I would just have to go up to the stage and sing - wearing the same clothes everytime. But this time, I changed for four times according to the songs I have to dance. It was an amazing experience.

By the way, I'm already in the 'holiday mood' now. Ahahahaha Can't wait to go back to where I belong. Where my heart belongs. Everyday I keep planning about what am I going to do once I go back, what am I gonna eat, where will be my next visit, oh Dear!

I'm comin' home, comin' home,
tell the world that I'm comin home!