Magandang Arau! ^.^

U must be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Actually it just simply means: good day, one of the way for the Philippines to greet each other. So, Magandang Arau everyone!! :)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do not mistake Mr. Right Now for Mr. Right

Isn't it a very confusing statement? I felt weird when I read it at first but then after a while, I started to understand it. Unbelievable? Believe it. Ahahaha!

To those who really knows me, they know that I don't really trust in LOVE. Well, u can't find true love nowadays, can u? The only true love that I can tell is only God's love. ONLY ONE.

It's just an opinion, so to those who are now in love, no hard feeling, okay? :)

The title: Do not mistake Mr. Right Now for Mr. Right, is a very useful advice to everyone~ especially those young couples. If u did mistake on that, u might hurt a lot more than u ever expected. I'm not being a-selfish-love-haters, it's just a caring-loving-way to avoid anyone from getting hurts... {^.^}

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New here, suddenly feeling like want to be one of the blogger. Ahahaha. . actually, Ivy Chin was the one who pull me in this. Thanks to her! {^.^}