Magandang Arau! ^.^

U must be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Actually it just simply means: good day, one of the way for the Philippines to greet each other. So, Magandang Arau everyone!! :)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

July 18th, 2005

It has been 6 years since you left.
6 years, 1 month, 4 days - to be exact.
Life has been cruel to me since then. It could've never been better.
Just so you know I tried.

This year is  the first time I've forgotten about the day you left me.
Does that mean I'm forgetting you?
Well, I wouldn't say so.
You are still a part of me.
You are still in my heart.
I can still feel your presence.

Sometimes I wonder, how will it feels if you are still here, with me?
Will things still be the same? Or totally different?
If I were given a chance, I really wanna turn back time.
There are thousands of things I didn't tell you.
Hadn't tell you.
I bet you are thinking the same too.
Life is hard.
The harder I cry, the harder it gets.

I'm tired of all these.
Tell Him to bring me to you.

p/s: I love you.

Lots of Love,
Lydrielyn Koh

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My name is Lydrielyn Koh

The one and only - Lydrielyn Koh ^^

This post is dedicated to those who are confused with who am I.

I remembered the other day a lecturer asked a friend of mine, "is her (me) real name Lala? That sounds ugliey......"
And then another time my lecturer asked me, "What's your real name, Lala? I tried to find your name in  the name list but couldn't find any name starting with Lala."

Attention everyone!!
My name is Lydrielyn Koh.
If lets say we met, and I say "Hi, my name is Lydrielyn Koh."
Will you seriously remember my name? The answer is obviously NO!
That is the reason why I ask you to call me Lala.
Simpler, don't you think?
Plus, I was called by that name since I was a kid so I'm used to it already.

I changed my URL to to make sure that everyone will know my real name and spell it correctly(also pronounce it correctly).

I'm proud to be Lydrielyn Koh!!

P/S: Special thanks to my parents for giving me such a unique name. I believe it is the one and only name you can find on Earth. ^^

Saturday, August 20, 2011


People keep on asking me:
Lala, have you finished your assignment? You look so free.
Don't you have any assignment to do? You look so relaxed.

Dear friends,
a smile painted on my face doesn't mean I am happy,
a small talk with my colleague doesn't mean I am free,
a plate full of rice doesn't mean I have money,
a full blast energy in the afternoon doesn't mean I'm not weary,
because the way we handle things are vary,
to understand me, you need to look into me very clearly.
 (Lydrielyn, 2011)

I just don't know why people need to ask me whether I have assignments or not. I am a student, it's impossible to not have an assignment. In fact, I'm the one who should be asking you, why are you so tensed up with your assignments? Aren't they the same with the rest of tasks that your lecturer need you to do? So why when it comes to assignments, you were so stressed? Of course I am also stressed out but I just didn't show it to you. I thought a smile can make the world a better place to live.

Okay, I'm not gonna say anything anymore -- regarding to assignments -- because the way we handle things might be different.

Anyway, when everybody were busy doing their assignments, I was busy having practices, events, all sort of things. Well, to get extra money, you gotta work harder, right? I don't remember the things I did much but this one I'll remember -- "Malam Berbuka Puasa Bersama Chef Ismail" -- !!

It was amazing! All these while, I was only able to see him on TV, but this time I got the chance to sing duet with him. And when he was doing the cooking demonstration, I was able to stand just next to him (holding the mic for him but who cares) ahahaha. It was a fantastic experience.

Again, too bad I don't own a camera. Didn't get to snap a photo with  him. Hope there will be a next time.

P/s: How I wish that I can graduate with only my life experiences because if I need to show them flying colors in exam paper, oh my. I'm not good in answering written questions. Let me rephrase it; academic written question. Exam is coming and I guess it will be the end of the world for me... T.T

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Last Farewell

Don't freak out!
I am not giving a suicide note.

This is my new favourite song. Credit to Mr Lim!!

He sang this song the other day and I immediately fell in love with it.

It's a very nice song.

I almost cried the first time I listened to it.

Unbelievable? Believe it. ^^

There's a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbour
Tomorrow for old England she sails
Far away from your land of endless sunshine
To my land full of rainy skies and gales
And I shall be aboard that ship tomorrow
Though my heart is full of tears at this farewell

For you are beautiful
And I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

I heard there's a wicked war a blazing
And the taste of war I know so very well
Even now I see the foreign flag a raising
Their guns on fire as we sail into hell
I have no fear of death; it brings no sorrow
But how bitter will be this last farewell

For you are beautiful
And I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

Though death and darkness gather all about me
And my ship be torn apart upon the seas
I shall smell again the fragrance of these islands
In the heaving waves that brought me once to thee
And should I return safe home again to England
I shall watch the English mist roll through the dell

For you are beautiful
And I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

Friday, August 5, 2011

Do I look stupid to you?

This is another major conflict I face each time I go to a new place. I still remember when I entered secondary school. I was talking to a friend of my friend and as the conversation went on, she was surprised to hear that I was in Form 3 Rajin (A-class). Then I was like, why would she be surprised? This is what she said, "no offense but you don't look like the smart girl who goes to library, read books and study". Puh-lissss! Is that how you define 'smart girl'? Is that how you calculate one's cleverness - based on how many times they go to the library? Awesome.

Then, I moved to another secondary school due to some reasons (you don't want to know why. Ahahaha). The first day of school, I heard some STUPID GIRLS talked about me in the toilet.

Stupid girl A: Have you heard about the new girl?
Stupid girl B: The one in 4 F? (*they were referring to my class)
Stupid girl A: Yeah. I heard she got good grades for her PMR.
Stupid girl B: Impossible. She looks stupid. (laughing like hell)

Then I came out of the toilet and I looked at them. They stared at me back. I went back to my class and asked my classmates about the stupid girls. It turned out that they were in one of the not-so-good class. Well, this is our society. They talk about other people as if they are good enough. =.="

After that, I got an offer to Matriculation. I'm not saying that I am so good that I was offered but at least it showed that I am not that bad. While waiting for the day to leave, I spent some time with my families -- partying. Drank beers, tapai, all sort of drinks. One of my not-so-close and rarely-be-seen family member asked me,

"jadi, apa ko mau buat lepas ni? Cari  kerja? Ikutla aku p estate."
(translation - so what do you wanna do after this? Find a job? Follow me to *estate then -- *a place where teens normally go to work when they don't have any other offer or choice)"

So I told him I'm going to matriculation in a week or so. He was surprised.

Then, got another offer from SPA8 -- diploma in Pharmacy. I have a dream of running my own pharmacy. So that offer was a dream came true. I straight went for it. I wasn't surprised to see their reactions when I was active answering in class. Me and my housemates were quite close so one day I asked them, "what  is your first impression when you first see me?" One of them said this with a very high confident,
"you look like arrogant, a gangster, and a stupid-rich Chinese girl." =.="
I asked, "WHYYYYYYYYYYY???????"
She said, "you just look trendy and fashionable. Ahahaha"
That's just ugh....
I was speechless.

And also a thing I really need to clarify here:
I understand Bahasa Malaysia and I do speak in Bahasa.
I don't know why people sometimes pass by me and talk bad stuff about me as if I can't understand them. Hello, I live in Malaysia for all my years I've been living, you expect me to not understand what you're talking about??

Stupid girl A: Amboi, datang gi kelas ke, pegi show? (Translation: Is she going to class or a show?)
Stupid girl B: Tak tau pulak aku yg tmpt nie dah jd sekolah utk stewardess. (Translation: I don't even know that this place is actually for stewardess' training -- sarcastically)

Stupid girl C: Gaye tak hbis-hbis minah nie. (I can't translate for this one. Too harsh. Ahahaha)

I'm sorry that FASHION is my middle name. :)
Okay, that's not my point. The point here is that, it's my right to wear what I want as long as it doesn't go against the rules and regulations here! Plus, the clothes I'm wearing, I won't even consider it as amazing, or gorgeous, or beautiful. They are just simple and ordinary! So what the hell is wrong with you people???

So you tell me, do I look stupid to you??
(Don't worry, I won't bite. ^^)

P/s: The usage of Bahasa Malaysia above is according to the slang of the people around. West and East Malaysian have different slang.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I miss you


I miss you like everyday,
I wanna be with you but you're away,
I try not to cry,
Each time I think of thy smile,
Wish the time would fly,
And we are only away for a mile.
But it can't be true,
as life is always be cruel,
don't worry, it will be okay soon,
keep your faith in me, cause I'll always love you son.

10 things I do when I am not with you

1. Wake up
2. Think of you
3. Start missing you
4. Take my shower
5. Continue missing you
6. Go to class
7. Think of you
8. Go back to my room
9. Take my shower
10. Go to bed missing you


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ES Task: Mayella Ewell's Thought

Write a blog entry of what do you think Mayella would write based on the novel
To Kill A mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I am Mayella Ewell. I live in a small town in Maycomb County, Alabama. My family is different to compare to the rest of families in the society. I don't go to school. So do my parents, my siblings - easy said, the whole Ewell family. My dad takes alcohol as water. He drinks all day. He has always been this way even before my mother passed away and it gets worse after that. I am the eldest so I have to take care of my family since I can't lean on my father. Sometimes I get so lonely that I cried myself to sleep. My father never cares about the family. When he doesn't have enough to drink, he'll beat us all up especially me.

I've been finding ways to ease the pain I feel inside until one day a black man passed by my house. He is Tom Robinson. I wasn't interested in him at first. But then each time he passes my house, I just don't know why my heart gets excited. I start to say 'hi' to him and I feel a strange fondness towards him. I always enjoy his company so every time he passes by my house I'll ask him to do favors for me just so I can spend time with him.

Gradually my feeling for him grows stronger. I try to give hints about my feeling but he doesn't seem to understand -- or maybe he just doesn't want to understand. I know he is married. I know he has children. Most importantly he is black. Maybe that is the reason why he doesn't want to be with me. His status and his race built a strong wall between us. But how? Should I just give up when he is the only man who stood by me when I need someone? A woman in me just needs a man in him.

I just couldn't stand it anymore. I've been saving money bit by bit. So I used that money to send my sibling to buy ice cream. I know Tom Robinson will pass by my house that day so I call him to come in my house for the first time, without my siblings.I ask him to bust up some chiffarobe and then tell him to step on the chair yonder and get a box down from on top of another chiffarobe. Once I see him on the chair, trying to get the box, I can't help myself but to hug him. I grab him around the leg. He looks surprised, he hops down and  turns the chair around. I don't want to let him go. I jump on him and start hugging him around the waist. I feel so calm standing near to him. I start kissing him but he keeps on rejecting my kiss. He then tries to run away so I quickly run to the door and stop him until my father comes. I get panic.

Tom Robinson runs as fast as he can and my father starts to use harsh words towards me. He beats me so hard that I can't sense anything anymore. I cry and cry but he just doesn't want to stop. The next thing I know is I can't do anything but to lie down on my bed crying. Well maybe he is not the one for me. Maybe we don't belong to each other. Maybe..

P/s: Tom, if you are reading this, I hope you know that I truly love you. I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you do, as long as you love me.

Lots of Love,
Mayella Ewell

Monday, August 1, 2011

Trip to Bukit Tinggi!

I'm back!
Was out of college last weekend for another trip and guess what,
I went to Bukit Tinggi this time!
Yeah! The trip was freaking awesome, dude! I'll be there again, soon. :)

Over there, I went to three different places -- well it's basically one huge place
with 3 different countries. Ahahaha sounds more complicated. :)

First place I went to is Colmar Tropicale -- a French-themed place. Inside it, you felt as if you are in France. No joke.
The restaurant, the shops, everything made you feel like
you are NOT in Malaysia.
I watched dance performances by the French and it was cool.
Even the temperature was quite cold. I also saw swans -- the black and white swans.
They looked like perfectly beautiful but when I drew nearer, they were actually not that beautiful! Ahahahaha
I even managed to play paint-gun. RM10 per packet (5 pellets)
I love Colmar Tropicale!!

Then I waited for safari shuttle bus. It took me to
Japanese Garden and Botanical Garden.
Man, I tell you, when you reached the Japanese Garden,
you will feel as if you ARE in Japan.
I put on kimono (well, it costs you extra RM20 to try it on for about 15 mins),
and shit,
I have to admit that I was super excited.
That damn place reminded me of my childhood.
I wished that I lived in Japan. I know how stupid that sounded
but that was my childhood dream. Ahahaha
I love it super damn much.
At least I got the feeling of living in Japan even when it's not true. :)

After that, I went to Botanical Garden.
Not much to see because it's not the season for the flowers to bloom.
If you are a nature-lover (like me, ehem!),
you'll feel good being surrounded by nature.
You can learn a lot from there.
Thousand of herbs, trees, and many more plants are there.
They even show the names of those plants. Super fresh air.

Then, I went to Rabbit Park. Here, they charged you RM3 for entrance.
But hey, they let you in the 'Rabbit home-stay' (ahahaha) and
you can touch them,
feed them and play with them.
Since the rabbits are separated according to their age,
you are only allowed to play with the adult rabbits.
The small one were kept inside a smaller cage.
Here, I felt like I'm in Malaysia again.
There are also some other animals such as horse, donkeys, reindeers, guinea pig
and so onbut the only animal you can actually be close to is the rabbit.

After that I went back to Colmar Tropicale and wait for the van to
take me back to Times Square. End of trip. Came back at 6.30 pm. :)

The only regret I'm having right now is that I didn't bring a camera.
That's like the stupidest thing ever.
So I just can keep all the memories inside my 1GB brain. =.="

Here, I would like to share a piece of information if you are planning to go there:

1. Please Bring a camera. It's a MUST.

2. If you don't have your own transport, you can go to
*You can book a daily shuttle bus service here.
You'll have to call them and bank-in the money first.
To and fro ticket will cost you RM55 per person

3. Safari shuttle bus there is free so you don't have to worry.

4. Over there, the only place that has entrance fee is Rabbit Park, which is RM3.
The rest is free.
*There is an entrance fee to enter Colmar Tropicale (which is RM12)
but if you follow the daily shuttle service from the link I gave you just now,
the ticket (RM55) has actually included your entrance fee.

5. If you want to wear kimono,
you'll have to pay RM20 and you can take pics with it.
There is also a tea-ceremony if you want to.
It will be another extra charge which is RM28. :)

So if you want to go there, you will just have to pay
RM58 and you can already go to all those places I went.
Other than that, such as food, souvenirs and kimono, all are up to you. (^^,)