Magandang Arau! ^.^

U must be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Actually it just simply means: good day, one of the way for the Philippines to greet each other. So, Magandang Arau everyone!! :)

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Monday, January 30, 2012

29 days Fitness Program!

This program - "29 days Fitness Program" is actually a program where a group of people gather and exercise(aerobic) together for about an hour starting from 6pm to 7pm. It has no fixed leader, which means every participants will be given a chance to lead in front, with their own routine so that there will be no same routines and thus will make exercising more fun every day!

The idea of this program was started from a small talk between my friend, Bernadette Hyacinth Vincent and myself, Lydrielyn Koh, a few days ago. We want to have a healthy lifestyle, stay fit, and if possible to reduce some weight too! That is why we are sharing this program with everyone - especially those who are in IPG Kampus Ipoh, trying our best to make our friends here to stay healthy. Like what Syed Abdullah (Exco Sukan, 2012) said, "we don't want fat teachers, nor obese teachers. We want healthy teachers".

This program has been launched today and will be going on until February 29th. It will officially start in February actually but we are now trying to get more and more people to join us. So, why don't you help us spread the news? :)

As a start, we now have 3 participants - me, Bernadette and Eugene Wong Chen Wei. That is why we want you to join us. It is never too late. The more, the merrier! Let's get into action!!!!

Come on and join us everybody! Health is wealth!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I miss you.

The person whom I'm referring to is a secret since by just saying out the name, it will give a heart attack to those who know me. Why? Because that person? Missing that person? Seriously? Well yeah, no joke. I miss you, sweetheart. ^^

I don't know why but I remembered those days when we were so close together, talked about stuffs, made fun of each other, lepak together, I miss those times, you know. Sometimes I wish I have the guts to ask you, "hey, what's wrong? Why are we being so far apart now? As if I'm someone new to you.." Too bad, I can't. I just can't. I guess my pride is holding me back real tight.

Then the moments where things got awkward between us popped up after those sweet experiences. Frankly speaking, my heart burns each time I think about it. Each time I see you I really feel like talking to you, making fun of you like I always did. Oh, shit! What happened??

I watched the video today, and I saw the last part where I told you I'll always be there for you, supporting you, whether you need me or not, whether you WANT me or not, do you remember that? When I saw that, I almost cried. Why? Because I know I failed to do so.You pushed me away and I left, as simple as that. At least I should try to understand you and be there for you like what I've promised but I didn't. I turned away. I'm really sorry..

I really wish you will read this because there will be no way for me to go to you and say out these words I've been longing to tell, but I know it is almost impossible for you to even check about how am I doing as your pride is even greater than mine. Anyway, at least I tried..

Missing you sweetheart.