Magandang Arau! ^.^

U must be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Actually it just simply means: good day, one of the way for the Philippines to greet each other. So, Magandang Arau everyone!! :)

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lady Macbeth Character Analysis

Lady Macbeth is a very strong and important character in the play Macbeth since she started the tragedy in the play. She brings a great influence to Macbeth of killing King Duncan right after Macbeth told her the prophecies that was told to him by the 'weird sisters' (witches).

Since the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth can be seen as someone who is very well respected. Even King Duncan himself calls her "honored hostess" and "fair and noble hostess". Not only she is respected by King Duncan because of she is the hostess but as King Duncan looks up to Macbeth for his great loyalty especially when he wins the great battle between Scotland and Norway, King Duncan also respects her as the wife of his noble general, Macbeth.

She is a very ambitious and persuasive character too. She persuades Macbeth to kill King Duncan and be the next king because she knows if Macbeth becomes the King of Scotland, then both of them will have the benefits. Even though she looks as if she is a cold-blooded woman as she is very ambitious, many of us overlooked the femininity inside her. She is actually fragile that she has to ask the evil spirits to "unsex" her so that she will be able to do the deed. Her fragility can also be seen through her soliloquy while waiting for Macbeth to kill the king, "had he [King Duncan] not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't".

Lady Macbeth can be very manipulative as well. The moment Macbeth comes back to his sense and refuses to "proceed no further in this business [kill King Duncan]", she quickly questions him of his manhood and his love to her. Her strong statement asking Macbeth to "screw your [Macbeth] courage to the sticking-place" gives Macbeth the strength again to kill King Duncan. She has successfully influenced him with just few words.

Other than that, Lady Macbeth can also be said as meticulous. She makes sure everything is according to the plan. After the assassination, Macbeth is so scared that he forgot to do exactly as planned but Lady Macbeth goes back to the crime scene and "gild the faces of the grooms withal for it must seem their guilt".

Quick-witted is also one of Lady Macbeth character. She thinks very quickly when Macbeth's guilt making him sees the ghost of Banquo in his party. Macbeth spins out of control and starts making his guests confused and horrified. Lady Macbeth quickly tells their guests that Macbeth "is often thus, and hath been from his youth".

Female is usually associated with a weak emotion control. So does Lady Macbeth. She couldn't bear with her guilt at last that she started sleep walking and in the end committed suicide.


I believe that there are times when each of us feels like suicidal. Especially when having hard times, and you look to your left but nobody's there, look to your right still nobody's around, turn to your back and you are alone. Exactly. No one to turn to. I feel that too. Most of the time. So don't feel down because everybody feel and felt the same.

One habit that I really have to change is that when I am sad or down or having any negative feeling, I just can't help from hurting myself. I'll hit my head to the wall, or scratch myself, and even carve myself. This is one of the example.

I carved my name just to make myself clear that I'm still alive and I will be until the day comes for Him to take me. Oh, life has to stop giving me shit! Fuck my life, fuck my problems, fuck everything!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

17th of March 2011

New records in my life! Haha
I met my first own accident in my life when I try to ride my friend's motorcycle. FYI, I'm now on my way to have motorcycle and car license. Amazing right? I haven't tell my parents, and the rest of the family - and I don't intend to. So all expenses for this is on my own. I repeat, I'm on my own. Sigh. I'm a grown-up girl so I guess I can handle it. I repeat, I GUESS. :D

I passed the first test, law test. I answered 50 questions in 10 minutes and 54 seconds (stated on the cert) - well I guess I took only about 9 to 10 minutes but I re-check for quite a number of times- and I answered 46 out of 50 questions! Passed! Thank God.. ^^,

I really really hope I can handle the next class well. Tomorrow I'll be having class on riding motorcycle and on Sunday, I'm going to have class to drive car. Wish I can handle both motorcycle and car without a single problem. *Crossing my finger tightly*
Wish me luck!

My New Ritmuller Guitar!

Don’t be jealous (I know you are!), but I now own a Ritmuller guitar! Tell you what, it’s a birthday gift from a friend of mine and I love it. Maybe it’s not as amazingly good as other brand but who cares? Still, I appreciate it damn much!

Let me present to you, my baby Ritmuller!

Now my fingers are becoming numb since I keep on playing my guitar. But it’s okay. I’ve been wishing to have my OWN guitar, and now have one. Dream came true, huh? (",)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Eat to live or live to eat?

Since I was a little girl, my hero which is my dad, always tell me that life isn't a real life when you didn't taste all the food available. You live to eat. Whack every single food that you can have and enjoy it. So I enjoy my life with my amazing eating habit. Thank God, my metabolism rate is quite high so I didn't put on weight that much even with my tremendously amazing eating habit. Each time I see something that looks yummy, I couldn't help myself but to buy it and taste it. When I am happy, I'll eat. When I'm sad, I'll eat. I just couldn't stop myself from eating. High-class food especially, gives me the best satisfaction I can ever get.

Suddenly this year, life has to change. No more angel's food - well, that's what my friends call the expensive food since they are very pricey, no more satisfaction feeling, no more heaven in Earth. Why? Because no more people for me to depend on. I'm on my own. Every penny means a lot for me. I couldn't ask my family to help me already because of the misunderstanding the other day. Calling home asking for money simply means, I'm a spoil brat that knows nothing but asking for help. I'm a grown-up girl. In fact, in my age, I should have pay everything with my own money. I should be ashamed of myself!! Sob sob sob..

And so, I decided to save. Really really save. I'm not joking when I said that. I struggled like in hell at first. Giving up Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Big Apple, and every nice restaurant just makes me crazy, dude! I even give up my meals everyday, from three main meals into only a meal. And that only meal has only rice + vegetable. Amazing, huh? How a 'foodaholic' can give up so many food. I must say, it's not easy. Some days, I just couldn't stand. Looking at the fried chicken (still hot), ice-cream people are eating when it's a sunny day, cold drinks, snacks, ouch! It hurts a lot even to think of it! But taking it as a positive side, I'm not only saving a lot, but also having a healthy diet. I don't like vegetables since I was kid, but now I took it as my daily food. I love ice-cream, but now I eat in once in a while (maybe once or twice in a month). Even though I'm having quite a tough life, but life is not a life until it gives u a piece of shit right? ^^

Now, I'm losing my weight. Everybody is telling me so but I don't really believe it cause I don't feel any changes within myself. Until today, a friend of mine whom I haven't meet for few months came and see me. He told me how thin I am that he almost can't recognized me. Wow! I must look like a skeleton now. HAHA

But I am glad I am now healthy. MUCH MORE HEALTHY. I was so sad when I fought with my sisters but now I feel much more relieved. If I didn't argue with them, I don't think I'll be standing on my own feet right now. Thanks to them.

I used to stand on this philosophy : live to eat. But now? I eat to live. Oh yeah!! :D