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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Humble Advice For Teachers

1) Talkative with limitation
Teachers are naturally talkative. They talk a lot. Maybe because they are used to be the one who always talks so they can't stop. They talk whenever they are given the chance. Well, it's good. I mean they get to express themselves well. They get to express their ideas well. They get to brainstorm ideas well. But there should always be a limit. You shouldn't talk when you're attending a meeting. You shouldn't talk when you're attending an assembly. I mean, you yourself do not like it when your kids start talking in your class. So why do you do it?

2) Show a good example
Children learn from what they see. If you swear in the class, then expect your students to swear too. If you look messy when you go to school, then expect your students to look messy too. If you talk while attending the school assembly, then expect your students to talk in the class too. Most importantly, if you are not standing straight while singing the National Anthem, then expect your students to disrespect you too. See, since I was a kid, I was taught to stand up straight while singing the National Anthem. Up until now, I feel very much guilty if I do not stand straight if I hear the National Anthem played - even if it is played on the radio. To be honest, I don't like my government but I DON'T HAVE TO LOVE MY GOVERNMENT TO LOVE MY COUNTRY. Those two are totally different. Looking at today's generation; where the National Anthem does not mean anything for them, I feel sad. Is it the fault of our teachers?

3) Be ready to fork out your money
This is a bit difficult for some teachers. Well, it is well understood. I mean, the salary was supposed to be the payment of your hard work. You spent an average of 8 hours in the school per day from Monday to Friday (sometimes even on Saturday and Sunday), you spent your night preparing lesson plans and teaching aids for the next day, not to mention when it came to programs that need to be conducted in the school (Parent-Teacher meeting, sports day, canteen day, English month, Bahasa month, Language Camp, Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan, Gotong Royong, examinations, monthly test, and th list goes on). You're tired. Physically. Mentally. Still you have to use your own money to prepare almost everything. Even A4 papers for worksheets printing are on you. What can we say, teachers, they sacrifice a lot. Time, family, money, et cetera. Even the Prime Minister didn't sacrifice that much. Oops.

4) Be knowledgeable
Yes, you're an English teacher but that doesn't mean you should only know about English. Children expect you to know everything. When a student ask you a science-related question, you don't brush him off by asking him to ask a Science teacher. If you don't know, search for the answer and get back to him. If you do, that'll be even better. So read up!

5) Be open-minded
Children do not come from the same family background. Every single child has different background. There are Malays, Chinese, Indian, aborigines, Sabahan, Sarawakian, rich, average, poor,good proficiency level, weak proficiency level, rural areas, city areas, Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, so many differences. So, be open. Learn their cultures. Learn their abilities. Learn their learning styles. Learn about them.

Now, I am not perfect too. I make mistakes. But let us together brings out the best in each other and try to shape a better generation! Hoyeahhhh!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#ProjekRombengan - Kita Nego Sampai Dapat!

Wahhhhh tajukkkk.. kelasss uolssss ahahahaha

So recently I've started a new project which I called 'Projek Rombengan'. Tau ka apa tu rombengan? Nah, rombengan itu asalnya daripada bahasa Indonesia (kalau aku nda menipu lah). Ia bermaksud jualan barang terpakai. Jadi harganya pun murah gitu loe! Bukanlah aku mau cakap aku ada banyak baju dalam almari ku, tapi ada ja baju yang aku pakai sekali dua lepastu letak tepi. Sebab? Aku pun ndatau kenapa. Ahahahaha aku ni ikut musim. Ada musim aku minat beli baju, ada musim aku minat beli beg, ada musim aku minat beli kasut. Jadi bila musimnya tiba, aku akan beli tapi sempat pakai sekali dua ja. So, daripada terbiar, lebih baik dijual saja. Ada pula baju yang aku sudah nda muat. So baik dijual juga. Ada lagi baju yang ada kenangan pahit, so aku mau jual juga. Ada lagi baju yang bukan lagi minat ku, jadi aku jual lagiiiiiiii.. ahahahaha

Lagipun, aku jenis yang biasa-biasa saja. Yg suka pakai baju ulang-ulang. Ahahaha pakai, cuci, jemur, pakai balik. Sebab malas mau bongkar lagi tu almari. Jadi yg extra tu, kita jual!!

Plus, this year is my final year at Ipoh. Kau mampuuuuu mau bawa banyak-banyak barang balik naik flight? Kalau buli, semua barang ku di sini aku mau jual. Biar balik lenggang kangkung. Except for books la. Sebab aku memang berhajat mau ada library sendiri once aku suda ada rumah sendiri. Imagine, having your own library at home, where you can just lie down, read books, drink hot chocolate with marshmallow. Astagaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I don't mind dying in a place like that. Biarlah mereput di sana pun. Ahahahaha

So, do support me in this project yahh! Jangan risau, tagline aku senang - kita nego sampai dapat! Maksudnya, kalau aku bagi RM20, kau mau minta murah lagi, bha cakap seja. Kita nego sampai dapat! Ahahahaha

How does this project work?

1) Setiap malam, pada pukul 10 malam, aku akan upload gambar 3 barangan (baju, beg, kasut or apa apa barang yang boleh dijual) di akaun instagram ku (lydrielyn_koh) dan juga laman FB ku (Lydrielyn Koh). Yang nda follow aku di instagram, tapi mau juga beli barangan ku, jangan risau. Kau tetap buli access aku punya gambar barangan dengan mencari #projekrombengan

2) Lepastu, kita akan nego sampai dapat. Tapi harga barangan tu aku letak without postage. So kalau kamu berada di negeri lain selain daripada Perak, terpaksa tanggung kos penghantaran lagi. Kalau kamu tinggal di Perak, boleh COD especially area Ipoh and Kampar. Yang orang Sabah, especially Sandakan, Beluran, sama Kuala Sapi, kalau mau save kos penghantaran tu, terpaksa tunggu aku balik la hujung bulan 5. Kamu boleh suruh aku simpan dulu, pastu nanti aku balik Sabah, aku hantar or kamu ambil. Tapi pastikan kamu beli yaaaa.. jangan pula suruh simpan pastu nda jadi beli! Mimang bikin panas! Ahahahahaha

3) Barangan yang sudah dijual akan di delete gambarnya sebab nanti bikin semak kamu punya newsfeed. Ahahaha jadi kalau kamu nda nampak suda tu gambar, maksudnya sudah dijual la tu yaaaa.. sapa cepat dia dapat!

Soo support la projek ku ni yaa.. 

#Projek Rombengan - "Kita Nego Sampai Dapat!"

Monday, March 23, 2015

Does Marriage Close The Door For Enjoyment?

I bet everybody has heard of this excuse to not get married - "I'm still young. I still want to enjoy my life." Or people giving advice to others who are getting married - "Hey, you're still young. Why do you want to get married? You should enjoy your life first!" What do you think of it?

As for me, I disagree of this excuse. I mean, can't you have fun after you got married? Is there no fun in marriage? I think that excuse would be better if it is said this way, "I'm not ready for kids" or "I am not sure whether I am ready for a family". See, marriage takes a lot of commitment. You can't think about you and only you. There's your spouse. You have to consider his/her feelings in every thing you do, every decisions you make. But wait, isn't that something that you did even before you both got married? Isn't that something that you did when you were in relationships?

That's why I disagree to the excuse where you can't have fun after you got married. Yes, there will be lots of things to be thought about, especially when it comes to financial because practically you both have to share everything that you have. But fun? It all depends on us. There's no stopping you to have fun in marriage. You would be able to travel together, spent every day together, buy groceries together, do laundry together, drink together, everything together. Unless you haven't found the one, then the story would be so much different. He wanted to do something else while you wanted to do something else. Then you both started to argue. I mean, why argue when both of you have fun doing other things together? I mean if you enjoy reading books while he enjoys watching sports, then go to the tea shops and read your books while he goes to the stadium and watches his team playing football. There's nothing wrong in that! Doesn't mean that you both are married, you have to stick together forever! I knew a couple who loves travelling and they still continue travelling even after they have their second baby. Another couple have their fun schedule. They take turns to have fun outside (if this weekend the husband went out drinking with his friends, the wife will be home taking care of their kids then the week after that will be the wife's turn to go out). It's all about sharing workload and good communication. I see no reason you can't have fun after you got married, unless you are not ready to be loyal to only one partner, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, everybody has their own opinion and I'm just stating mine. No offense, yahhhh!

Friday, March 20, 2015


Today, while drinking beers with my sisters, I got to know that they have misinterpreted me about my personal life. One of them actually asked me, 'why are you so desperate in having a bf? You're still young!' So I asked her, 'what makes you think I am desperate?' She said she interpreted it from my social networks update. According to her, most of my updates are showing how desperate I am in looking for relationships, telling the world that I am forever alone, single, and I need to date. Well, I can't blame them. I mean, everybody has their own thinking. They have their right to think what they want. But what about my point of view?

Now, when I update about those 'sad', 'single' statuses, all I meant was I need a friend to accompany me for movies or for good food. Most of my friends are either dating, or not interested in those things. When I really wanna catch up a good movie, I'll ask my friends first. If they wanna watch it with their boyfriends/girlfriends or they are just not interested, then I'll just post in fb or ig to see whether anyone is interested. But most of the times I'll just watch movie alone or go find a place to dine alone. I don't mind spending my time with myself. It's just that sometimes I need a company too. Just to talk throughout the movie or while having a good meal. I don't know. So no, I am not desperate to date somebody. I just need a company. Now I understand why my sisters are so eager to find me somebody to love. Because they thought I am desperate for one! Ahahahahaha so no worries, sisters. I won't post such things anymore. It's just that they are usually unintentional updates! Ahahahaha

But of course with my age right now, dating someone should be a good idea. I mean, my career will start next year and if I wanna get married with lots of babies, I really should start considering getting married in a couple of years. So if I am still single now, how am I going to achieve that? Ahahahaha still, God has better plans for each and everyone of us. So say that I'll be single for as long as God says I should, then I will. Why rush when that's not His plans, right? So no, I am not desperate but yes, I am still waiting.

Posted a lot about relationships lately. I guess my comeback to my hometown has really made an impact to me. What can I say, I am the next in list that should be married in my family. Ahahahahaha

Nighty nite, beautiful creatures!

Types of women (2)

Another post of types of women. Ahahahahaha well, since people always say that women are complicated, I thought I should share my thoughts about women too. Who knows it will help the rest of us to understand women better.

Some women (I hate to admit this) are clingy. They want to be with you almost all the time. They want you all over them. If they can't be right next to you, they make sure that you guys text all the time. When you guys go out, they want to hold hands with you, put their arms around you or your arms around them, they want to take pictures with you and share it with the world, they want the world to know that you are theirs and they are yours. You might feel a bit stressed out because you can't breathe. You want your own time. You want to spend your time with others too. Now, what you can do is talk to your girl. It's not gonna be easy but if you want to save your relationship, you gotta talk to her. You gotta make her understand your needs. And don't expect her to change straight away. Changes take time.

Some women have their own ego. They do not text first. This usually happens when they are not YET in a relationship with you. They like you, you both have that mutual feelings towards each other, but they never text you first. Why? Because they believe that if the man really likes a woman, the man should be the one who starts the conversation. However, some men find this difficult. They think that both men and women can and should start the conversation every now and then. They think that if they are the only one who keep starting the conversation, that simply means that the other party is not interested. Still, you can see the hints by reading your conversation. If she is interested, she will try to keep the conversation going. If she is not, the conversation usually goes to dead end - where you are the one who keeps it going. For example, you ask 'how was your day?' Then she replied, 'not bad. Met a friend of mine, had good food. What about you? How was yours?' She asked back. Means she wants the conversation to keep going. But if she replies to you 'not bad. Haha.' She is giving a hint that she does not want to talk to you about her day. Or about anything else. Stop texting her.

Some women are over jealous type. They see you make friends with women, they got mad. They see you talk to your female friends, they got mad. They see you smile to other women, they got mad. It's like the only woman you should be talking is her. Or your mom. Or your sister. This type is dangerous. Yes, it shows that they love you so very much but no, it is not a healthy relationship you are in. It is not love anymore. It is more like an obsession. Or simply being possesive. Always remember, 'love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It does not dishonor others. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil. It rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.' (1 Chorinthians 13:4)

There are many more different types of women but as the time ticks, my eyes get smaller as well. Ahahahaha I'm sleepyyyyyy.. But before I go to bed, I'll just share a little bit of me. I'm the second type. I do not text first. I always hear advices from other women saying that 'if you like him, you should text him first' or 'why not text him first? We are in the modern world. The rule does not apply anymore'. Well no matter how modern I may look outside, inside, I am still a traditional lady. I want to be a housewife, I want to cook for my family, I want to do all the traditional woman does for her man. So yes, I want the man to text me first. But looking at today's world, where these gentlemen are almost extinct, the chance of me finding one might be AND will be difficult. Still, no harm in waiting. Ohhhh my Manolo.. When will you arrive? Ahahahahaha nighty nite peeps!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Types of women.

Surrounded by 6 sisters is already enough to know how complicated women are. Truthfully, I am too. Gotta admit that. Sometimes I myself am confused of what do I really want. But one thing for sure, not every woman is the same. Well practically, every human being is different from one another. Every experiences, degree of knowledge, background, every thing is just different. People may say that they had almost the same experience but still it will never be a hundred percent the same with another. Say that a woman is pregnant - her experience of pregnancy will never be the same like another mother. Maybe almost but never a hundred percent the same. Like losing someone - a wife might say, 'I've lost my family in a car accident and now my friend is experiencing the same. I totally understand how she feels'. To be honest, no. Nobody will understand. Because the degree of love the family has is different. The experiences that the family have together are different. Other people can just give empathy. They do not really feel how the others feel.

Back to the main title. Hahahaha one of my weaknesses - I got distracted very easily. Anyway, this year is my final year, and so like usual everybody is asking whether I have found the one. Then on this wonderful holiday, I got back to my hometown and spent my time with my lovely family. Of course, my sisters and I talked about whether I have found the one. We talked about the men I've dated, the men that I should be dating, the men that I might be dating.. Ahahahahahaha so in the end, I was like 'I'll just leave it to God. He knows best. I don't wanna rush anymore. If it's time then it's time.' So one of my sisters advised me to pick a man who can literally feed me and my future family. Hmm.. That's one nice advice but what's the point of having a man who can feed me and my future family when I have no place for this man in my heart? I mean, it's not that I can't feed myself with my future career. I have more than enough for myself. However, I do not wish myself to have to feed my future spouse and the family alone as well. I mean that is the responsibility of both of us. So no, I do not need a rich spouse nor do I want a jobless one. Complicated ey? Simply put, aku mau yang biasa-biasa aja.. Duit boleh dicari, kasih sayang tiada ganti, tapi kalau duit tiada ke mari, berlapar terus fizikal mati! Haaaaa ambik pantun ku.. Ahahahahaha

Another sister talked about romantic guys. How it will be wonderful of having a romantic guy as a husband. Romantic? Hmmm.. Of course that's the dream of every woman but I do not wish to have a hopeless romantic guy as my husband. I mean, once in a while maybe, but not all the time! I still want to be able to be crazy with my husband, to be myself, to be real, to be me. I don't mind if he's not romantic. All I want is to be able to share everything with him. That's it. That's real. Simple as that.

So there are few different types of women. One that needs financial support, one that needs love alone, one that needs a simple man, one that needs a guarantee, one that wants a family guy, and the list goes on. Decide which do you want to spend your lifetime with and find that woman. For me, I'll just sit back and relax because I'm tired of searching. Biarlah aku pula yang dicari. Kalau tiada yang mencari, pasrah saja la. Jadi hot aunt pun tidak mengapa. Ahahahahahahaha

Nighty nite, peeps!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sakit gigi.

"Putus lagi cintaku.
Putuus lagi jalinan kasih sayang ku dengannya.
Daripada sakit hati, lebih baik sakit gigi ini.
Biar, tak mengapa.
Rela, rela, rela, aku relakan."
- petikan daripada lirik lagu Sakit Gigi nyanyian Meggy Z

Baru sebulan berjinak-jinak semula dalam dunia cinta, aku tersungkur lagi buat kesekian kalinya. Lebih tepat - 34 hari. Kali ini disebabkan kawan-kawannya.

Setiap orang datang dengan 'bagasi' masing-masing. 'Bagasi' yang merupakan pakej yang datang dengan setiap orang, yang perlu kita terima jika kita mahu bersama dengan orang tersebut. Ada yang punya bagasi berisi ibu bapa - ibu bapa yang terlalu menginginkan yang sempurna buat anak mereka. Ada yang punya bagasi berisi bekas teman wanita/teman lelaki - ex yang masih punya perasaan dengan mereka ataupun mereka masih punya perasaan dengan ex mereka. Ada yang punya bagasi berisi kerjaya - kerjaya yang seringkali menjadi keutamaan mereka. Ada yang punya bagasi berisi kekecewaan - kisah lampau yang mereka tidak dapat lupakan. Dan dia? Dia punya bagasi berisi kawan-kawannya.

Bukan aku tidak kenal kawan-kawannya. Aku kenal mereka lebih dahulu sebelum aku kenal dia. Aku bukan jenis yang suka bercakap tentang hal orang lain walaupun aku tau banyak cerita tentang kawan-kawannya. Tapi aku diamkan sahaja bila aku bersama dia. Sebab bagi aku, bagasi ini boleh diangkat bersama. Selagi ianya tidak mengganggu hidupku dengannya, apa aku kisah? Aku gembira dengan dia. Walaupun aku kurang gemar bila dia keluar dengan kawan-kawannya, aku tetap biarkan. Sebab dia berhak memilih dengan siapa dia berkawan. Lagipun aku percaya dia. Dia bukan seperti mereka. Namun bila pergaduhan tercetus akibat kawan-kawannya, aku mulai gelisah. Mampukah aku menolongnya mengangkat bagasinya bersama? Akankah dia berkongsi beban bagasinya bersamaku? Ataupun hanya meminta aku mengangkatnya sendirian? Dia kata, kawan-kawannya meragui hubungan kami. Kata kawannya, aku cuma ingin mempermainkan perasaan dia sebab wanita seperti aku boleh mendapatkan yang jauh lebih kacak paras rupanya. Masalahnya, bukan paras rupa yang ku cari. Bukan susuk badan yang ku lihat. Bukan warna kulit yang memberikan ku rasa sayang itu. Kalau paras rupa yang ku cari, lebih baik aku masuk ke dunia seni dan mencari pelakon atau penyanyi atau model untuk bersamaku. Kalau susuk badan yang ku lihat, lebih baik aku ke gym dan mencari lelaki yang paling sasa. Kalau kulit putih yang mampu memberikan aku kasih sayang, lebih baik aku mencari mat saleh di luar sana. Lagi pula, paras rupa ku tidaklah secantik mana. Badan ku pula bukanlah seperti biola. Warna kulit pun kekuningan. Jadi apa yang melayakkan aku untuk memilih semua itu? Semua itu cuma luaran semata. Soal hati yang lebih ku utamakan. Kalau aku selesa dengannya, gembira bersamanya, untuk apa persoalkan fizikal? Kalau soal hati sudah memadai, soal fizikal cumalah satu bonus.

Lepas isu tersebut, isu lain pula yang dibangkitkan. Ya, memang aku pernah rapat dengan seorang kawannya. Kami banyak berkongsi tentang hati dan perasaan kerana kami ditinggalkan pada waktu yang hampir sama. Kami saling menguatkan sesama sendiri. Tetapi itu semua sebelum aku mengenali dia. Kami sudah tidak berhubung antara satu sama lain sejak aku mengenali dia. Malah sebelum aku mengenal dia pun aku telah pun memutuskan untuk tidak berhubung dengan kawannya kerana kawannya telah pun kembali kepada teman wanitanya.

Usai kisah itu, kisah  lain pula dibangkitkan. Setiap kali aku menaikturun gambar ku dengannya di laman sosial, aku akan terlebih dahulu meminta izinnya tetapi seringkali aku akan terpaksa membuang gambar tersebut setelah aku menaikturunnya. Mengapa? Kerana kawan-kawannya akan 'screenshot' gambar-gambar tersebut dan menjadikannya bahan dalam 'whatsapp' group mereka. Dia malu. Dia kurang selesa. Bukan aku ingin menunjuk-nunjuk bahagia ku. Tetapi apa salahnya kalau aku menaikturun dua tiga gambar kami bersama? Apa yang ingin dimalukan? Bagi aku, lelaki yang betul-betul mahukan aku sepatutnya bangga untuk memberitahu dunia tentang aku, dan bukannya cuba untuk menyorokkan hubungan kami berdua. Malah pernah sekali kami keluar berdua, dia ragu-ragu untuk masuk ke KFC bersamaku hanya kerana dia terlihat kawan-kawannya ada di dalam. Kalau malu, kenapa bersama?Akhirnya aku tewas. Aku tidak mampu untuk mengangkat bagasinya seorang diri. Itu bagasinya. Aku datang untuk menolongnya mengangkat bagasinya, bukan untuk aku mengangkatnya seorang diri.

Itu kisah bagasinya. Bagaimana pula dengan aku? Seperti dia dan banyak lagi yang lain, aku turut mempunyai bagasi ku sendiri. Apa pula isi bagasi ku? Bagasi ku berisi bekas teman lelaki ku. Meski sudah berpisah dengannya hampir dua tahun, aku tidak dapat nafikan bahawa masih ada sisa-sisa sayang yang masih berbaki dalam lubuk hati ini. Hatiku masih berdegup kencang bila aku mendengar nama ex ku disebut. Tanganku menjadi sejuk apabila aku terlihat kelibat ex ku. Aku masih menangis bila kadangkala teringat tentang memori kami berdua. Tetapi aku tetap mencuba. Aku tidak mahu kisah lepas menganggu kisah ku hari ini. Dan aku sangat-sangat bersyukur kerana dia memahamiku. Dia memberikan ku masa. Dia menolongku mengangkat bagasi yang memang sangat berat untuk ku pikul seorang diri. Dan bagasi itu menjadi ringan. Kenapa? Sebab aku dan dia mengangkatnya bersama.

Tetapi hari ini akhirnya hubungan terputus jua. Kerana bagasinya semata-mata. Mungkin salahku kerana terlalu cepat berputus asa untuk mengangkat bagasi tersebut. Tetapi mengapa dia tidak mahu mengangkatnya bersama ku? Kenapa dia membiarkan ku mengangkat bagasinya seorang diri? Air mata mengalir diawal pagi apabila menerima mesej darinya mengatakan bahawa perpisahan ini dia relakan. Aku pasrah. Baru 34 hari bersama dan semua hal ini telah terjadi. Mungkin sebab kami terburu-buru untuk bersama tanpa cuba mengenali hati budi masing-masing terlebih dahulu. Aku genggam jari-jemari ku erat. Aku risau tertuding jari. Kerana perpisahan ini bukan salah sesiapa. Cuma mungkin dia masih muda dan aku pula masih belum bersedia untuk bercinta lagi.


Arhhhhhh really feel like writing a novel! I should really start writing one and hand it in to a publisher. Who knows, that is my call? :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Girlfriend vs Friends?

I believe this conflict has troubled most of the people that are in love relationships. Unless you are in relationship with your best friend, then this won't be a problem for you. But if you fell for somebody that is not in your circle of friends at first, it is gonna be difficult. No joke. Why? Because then your friends and your girlfriend will start to fight over your time. Your friends will start saying things like, "since you have a girlfriend, you spent less time with us" and your girlfriend be like, "you keep spending time with your friends and leaving me alone". No matter how hard you try to balance your time to make sure both parties are satisfied, you can still hear those accusation. In the end, you feel stressed out. You are in dilemma. Who to choose?

Other than that, being in a relationship with someone out of your circle of friends also means that you 'need' to win your friends' approval. Why? Because if they don't like her, they'll talk shit about her. At first, you'll be like '"no, they won't be able to influence me" but listening to those bullshits from time to time annoys you and in the end you'll be affected no matter how hard you try to deny it. Again, you're in dilemma. Who to choose?

See, in the first case, time management is important. However, some immature people will still can't take it. Like your friends? They want all of you. They want all the attention. They don't want to share. They don't want to grow up. To see you with someone else means a big step for you - you're growing up. They are scared. They are afraid. Because they haven't found the one. Only by the time they have found the one, then only they will be able to see why. What about your immature girlfriend? Again, she wants all of you. She wants all of your attention. She doesn't want to share. Not because she doesn't want to grow up but because she is afraid of losing you. See, a good girlfriend will let you have your time with your friends. However, you shouldn't take advantage of it. If she lets you spend your time with your friends, then you should stay with her. Because she understands your needs. Your needs to do stupid things with your so-called friends.

Meanwhile in the second case, sometimes your friends are being protective. They do not want you to get hurt. So whatever stories they heard about your girl from others, they tell you straightaway. They want you to know what's happening. They do not want you to be fooled. However, sometimes that is not always the case. Sometimes they are jealous. You are in a relationship, at last! And they are still searching! And the girl you are dating is someone out of your league? They'll be like 'WHATTTTTT??' ahahahaha.. but that is not always the case as well. They are usually jealous because you spend more time with her than with them. So they started to talk about your girl as if they have known your girl forever. As if they are the experts about your girl's life. As if they know everything about your girl. Truth is, sometimes your friends are right but sometimes they are not either. Here, you have to really rely on yourself. To scrutinize what's best for you. To seek the truth in your heart. Or sometimes to find someone (most preferably a stranger - someone who does not know your friends or your girl) and ask for his/her opinions. Sometimes wise words come from strangers.

Who to choose? It's all up to  you to decide. Choose what's best for you and then stand firm. Do not hesitate. Because you know what your heart wants.