Magandang Arau! ^.^

U must be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Actually it just simply means: good day, one of the way for the Philippines to greet each other. So, Magandang Arau everyone!! :)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life as a barista!

So, in my mission of keeping myself busy, I added one more into my schedule; barista! At first I doubt that it was a good decision. I mean, I am already busy. Will I be able to cope up with it? But being me (as usual), a girl who always challenge herself (ahahaha), I decided to give it a try. So it's been a week now and I'm loving it!

You see, I'm a Starbucks customer. So working in Starbucks actually gives me more chance to try a lot of different drinks. It offers me a chance to find my favorite one. I don't take coffee so the only drinks I have ever ordered in Starbucks are Chocolate Cream Chip and Green Tea Cream. However, when I started working in Starbucks, I have already tried the same drinks with different syrups and mixture (like bananas) ahahaha also Tiramisu, Coffees and Teas. Some of it taste weird but some of it just blow my mind! Meanwhile for food, I only order lasagna as a customer. But once I started working in Starbucks, I get to try the pastry, cakes, pancakes, fuhhhh they taste goooooooood... 

Another good thing about being a partner in Starbucks (working with them) is that I got a 30% discount for every food, beverages and merchandise in Starbucks. You see, as a regular in Starbucks, this discount is important. Ahahaha now it feels like I can't leave Starbucks anymore! How can I leave with the 30% discount given?? Ahahaha

Now let's move on to the other partners (other workers) in Starbucks. It's just been a week but it felt like I have known them in forever. They are very kind and friendly! But of course, when it comes to working with women, there will always be that kind of small argument. Yes, I am a lady but I have to agree on this. Women always talk about each other. I don't know is it because of jealousy or what but it happens. I'm not saying I'm totally different but I don't like talking about others much. I'd prefer talking about the problem I have with the other one face-to-face, unless if I don't even want to talk to that person. Ahahaha so same goes to the partners in this Starbucks. Since most of us are women, I can hear this person talks about another person and it goes on and on. But surprisingly, they laugh together while working that you almost felt like the hatred was never there! I was surprised like shit! How can they even do that? Ahahaha if it were for me, I just don't talk to that person anymore. I mean, why would I talk about a person behind his/her back but keep talking to her as if nothing ever happened? That's so fucking weird.. ahahaha so yeah, that's the only thing I don't quite like about working there. But I guess I have to accept it because that's how women work? Sigh..

While working in Starbucks, I met this two siblings who are pretty and just charming. They have that genuine smiles when they greet the customers and they are able to talk to customers as if they have known the customers in forever. So I got to know from them that they did not come from a well-to-do family. They have 5 siblings and their father has already passed away. They have to forget about their studies now and focus about making money. I seriously feel bad for them. I mean they're younger than me but they work so hard to support the family and me? I just work because I have too much time for myself. I needed to go out, socialise and be tired, to be able to sleep well at night. I didn't even have enough money for myself. It makes me feel bad about myself. They are younger but they are already supporting their family while me, older than them but still need my family to support me financially. Can you imagine that? I need to work harder.

I have really experienced a lot in just a week working in Starbucks. They don't just teach me how to make beverages, taste coffee, prepare food, they also teach me about life. Appreciating every single person in life. To help one another. These experiences will never be forgotten, that's for sure :)

P/s: Do follow my instagram (lydrielyn_koh) to check out my pics with my Starbucks partners or you can just look #starbuckstambun to check out how fun being a partner in Starbucks!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Have I done it? No. Will I do it? Maybe. Have I donated? Yes.

Now, why wouldn't I, a very active, adventurous, up-to-challenges lady won't do this small challenge? Simply because this challenge has gone so far from its real points which are; to donate money and to raise awareness. It is now mostly (not all) about having fun. About telling the world that you can do it. About telling everybody that you are not left out. To jump on the bandswagon.

Sometimes I got mad when I see those kids do the challenge because it looks more like they are making fun of the people who suffer from ALS. It's like telling, 'hey, I'm pouring the ice on me to feel what you feel but I'm only feeling it for fun, but you have to feel that for the rest of your life'. However, some videos made by some individuals are very meaningful. When they explain about the disease briefly and talk about the donation, the challenge became much more meaningful. It touches me.

Anyway, guys, don't just donate because of this challenge. If you have extra, you can always donate for others (home, medical, etc.) even if they do not come up with any challenge. Even if they do not offer you popularity like this Ice Bucket Challenge did. It will make you feel better. I assure you. Also, if you have done this challenge, please don't take my post to heart. I mean, if you do it with the right intention, why would you be offended with what I write, right? Ahahahaha

Have a nice day, people!